Shakey Jake is about one thing… great rock and roll!

As a band we strive to bring the best in classic rock, southern rock, a splash of country, and originals to entertain our audience and motivate them to get up and dance. Every song and arrangement is carefully thought out to provide the best show we can for the venue & the audience.


Shakey Jake is led by the talents and the heart of Tim Herman.


Tim is a seasoned guitarist with over 30 years of performing in high caliber bands. His unique style of mixing both slide and conventional guitar techniques has put him in demand his entire career. His musical education began in the Bay Area of California. In 1979 he moved to the Midwest and formed “The Full House Band” and soon they were traveling and playing throughout the Northern Plain States. In 1983 he moved back to the Bay Area and formed “Full House”. The band was fortunate enough to acquire the talents of Ronnie Seith, former drummer for Brad Gillis’ band Mega Mega. For years Full House was a top tier band in the Bay Area. Tim's many acquaintances in the music scene included Brad Gillis of Night Ranger, Danny Chauncey of 38 Special, Billy Rattlesnake Tucker and the Alameda All Stars to name a few.  During Tim’s career he has had the privilege of meeting musical artists Pat Travers, Molly Hatchet members, Greg Allman , Rick Derringer and Edgar & Johnny Winter.


n 1992 Tim brought his talents to Oregon.  The band Cabin Fever was formed in 1996 and for the next four years played throughout the Portland area. Tim then joined the band “Bad Gass” who recorded 3 CD’s of original songs. The members of Bad Gass changed throughout the years and soon they were re-named “NW Outlaws” when drummer Ivan DePrume of White Zombie joined the group. When Ivan’s professional direction changed, they added drummer Mike Terndyk who played previously with the bands Everclear and Sweaty Nipples.


As the direction and members of the NW Outlaws changed, Tim decided it was time to get back to the roots he loved.  Now as a seasoned veteran he could hand pick his musicians that shared the same vision, talent and passion. Tim departed the NW Outlaws and formed Shakey Jake.  He brought with him singer Jimi Guts from NW Outlaws and added drummer Mike Foley, bass player Mike Nelson, acoustic guitarist /hand percussionist Matt Shannon and guitarist Patrick Shaw.  Shakey Jake often hosts special guests from other bands and among them you will find Tims daughter Melissa playing the flute.


Shakey Jake is about music that moves, inspires & motivates the audience!


Stir their soul and soon their feet will follow … dancing, singing and remembering how good music feels.  We feed off the audience, their joy is our joy. That’s our reward for the hard work of rehearsal and practice. If you’re looking for a coffee house band & poetry, we are not your cup of tea! We pride ourselves in our professional approach and appearance, top quality PA system and equipment, stage presence and the quality of our music.  In a word we are passionate about our songs, how we sound, how we act and look professionally.


So when looking for a cover band that will excite and ignite your next event, Shakey Jake is a great choice.  We play rock & roll from classics to current, southern rock & country western. We work hard to find the songs that will fit the needs of the venue. Hiring a band is always an important decision. Shakey Jake can make this decision easy for you. We work hard to make you look good to your customers, employees, clients & friends. Music has played a big role in our lives. It surrounds us every day. Shakey Jake has the privilege of showing our audiences just how wonderful live music can be, bringing the songs and music to life. We hope to play for you soon!